Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine Review

Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine Review

This is an image of the Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine. This rowing machine is well built and provides a great workout.The Kettler Stroker rowing machine offers many features at a quality and price that is superior to the market standard. This one piece of equipment can work nearly every muscle group in your body with a variety of different exercises. This rowing machine is priced well below the industry leaders but Kettler never compromises on quality. The Kettler Stroker rower is manufactured with top performance and comfort in mind.

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Performance Monitoring

This is an image of the performance monitor device on the Kettler Stroker rowing machine.The Kettler Stroker Rower and Multi-trainer is truly more than just a rowing machine.  The modern computer has an LCD that can display up to six functions simultaneously.  These include time, oar strokes, current cadence, cumulative distance, heart rate, and kilojules.  This display also includes a recovery feature which grades your cardio wellness on a scale of 1 to 6.

Because the LCD is powered by 2 AA batteries, there is no need for AC power.  This means there are no cords to get in the way of your exercise.  Included with this rower is a Polar T34 chest strap heart rate monitor, which transmits information wirelessly directly to the computer.

Durability and Craftsmanship

The Kettler Stroker Rower is incredibly durable, made from a powder-coated steel frame.  And you are certainly not sacrificing convenience for durability.  The steel track on this rower easily folds up so you can save space and easily store it when it is not in use.  Transport castors are also built in so you can easily move the rower as needed.


This rower also features a magnetic brake system resistance that can easily be manually adjusted to settings from 1 to 8, offering more of a challenge.  Kettler is a brand that is well-trusted and well-known for reliability and products that will last for years and years.  They have built this reputation over the last 30 years and continue to provide modern and innovative products.

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Comfort and Use

This is an image of the muscle groups that are worked by the Kettler Stroker rowing machine.Another important feature of this Kettler Stroker Rower is great comfort.  The seat provides thick padding and top-grade rollers provide smooth and seamless performance.  Because the flywheel is so light, you are ensured quiet and smooth performance.  The biomechanically correct footplates naturally pivot as you’re rowing, providing even more comfort.  Your feet are securely strapped into the footplates, meaning they won’t slip out in the middle of your workout.

The Kettler Stroker can also be used for a variety of different exercises, not just standard rowing.These exercises will work nearly every muscle in your body.  These include a seated lift, seated curl, seated extension, ab crunch, standing lift, standing upright row, crossover twists, kneeling pull, kneeling pullover, and many more.


This is an image of the Kettler Stroker rowing machine folded into its storage mode.As far as home gyms and workout equipment goes, storage is a major problem. Workout equipment is generally very bulky and heavy. Taking it apart can be a solution but that is very time consuming.

The Kettler Stroker rowing machine easily folds in to a much more compact shape, making storage a breeze. The Kettler rower can then easily be rolled into a nearby closet or storage room, out of sight. The easy storage of the Kettler Stroker is unrivaled by competitors of similar rowers.

Full Body Workout

Rowing machines, including the Kettler Stroker provide the user with a near complete body workout. The full range of motion required by the Kettler Stroker means that almost every part of your body is being used. Most experts agree that around 84% of your body’s muscle mass is being used when operating a rowing machine in good form. One session on a Kettler Stroker rowing machine can replace many different steps in a complete workout.

Customer Reviews Of The Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine

Customers give the Kettler Stroker rowing machine a very high average rating of 4.8/5 stars. This rating shows the reliability, consistency and durability provided by the Kettler rower. It is this strong customer backing that makes the Kettler Stroker one of the best indoor rowing machines reviewed.

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Many customers are quick to point out that the Kettler Stroker Rower provides users with a workout that is of the same quality of the industry leading rowing machines such as the Concept2 Model D but at a much more affordable price. If you have read our full review on the Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine, you know the manufacturers did not skimp on the quality and craftsmanship that went into this design.

The one short coming of this rowing machine is the heart rate monitor. It is not as advanced as some others available but it does get the job done. With good batteries the heart rate monitor should  work properly throughout the entire workout but some users have stated that as the batteries go bad, the range on the monitor drops. All in all, customers love their Kettler Stroker rowing machine.