First Degree Pacific Rowing Machine Review

First Degree Pacific Rowing Machine Review

The first degree pacific rowing machine: one of the best on the market. Read the full review to find out more about the best rowing machines.If you seek an industrial quality water resistance rowing machine you will definitely want to consider the First Degree Pacific Rowing Machine. This rowing machine has the quality craftsmanship that casual users and professionals alike crave from their top quality equipment. Users of this rower really enjoy the realistic feel provided by the water based resistance.

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Water Resistance Flywheel

This is an image of the water resistance flywheel mechanism that is part of the first degree fitness AR rowing machine.It is the common consensus among those in the industry that water resistance provides the most realistic rowing feel. If you intend to translate your new found rowing ability from the gym to the lake than you will surely want a machine with water resistance. Users frequently comment on the quality build of the flywheel in the Pacific Rower. This flywheel also features adjustable resistance meaning that you can amp up your training as you go from a beginner to a professional.

This is an image of a woman using the first degree pacific AR water resistance rowing machine.Ergonomic Handle

One of the biggest complaints that we hear about the various rowing machines on the market is that the handle either hurts the users hand or leaves them with blisters. Some users just take the last resort of using gloves or other hand protection. This solution works but it is much easier to start with a proper handle that will not hurt your hand to begin with. Foam grips help protect the user from personal injury. The ergonomic handle on the First Degree Pacific Rower provides the proper grip that users desire.

Adjustable Foot Rests

This is an image of the water resistance rowing machine model that has been produced by first degree fitness.Many people who work out from home struggle finding equipment that can be used by them and the rest of their family. Most people do not have the storage space required to have separate equipment for everyone in the family. The pacific rower solves this issue by offering strong, adjustable foot rests for users of varying height. This means that the whole family can enjoy the benefits of owning a rowing machine.

Computer Performance Monitor

This is an image of the performance monitor on the First Degree Pacific Challenge AR Water Resistance Indoor Rowing Machine.

Traditional rowing machines do not offer this awesome feature. Rather than going in blind you will be able to monitor your performance to track your improvement and really see your results. With stats like your 500 split time and strokes per minute there are statistics that can improve any workout. Read our other rowing machine reviews to see other performance monitors and features.

Maintaining and Setting Up Your Pacific Rowing Machine

Setting up your Pacific rower┬áreally is easy and maintenance really couldn’t be easier. In just a few simple steps you will can be working out and getting fit with your rowing machine. Some other rowing machines require a lot of maintenance, this is not the case with the pacific rower. This machine requires almost no regular maintenance.


This is an image of the first degree pacific rowing machine that is put into storage mode.

Storage is a major consideration that should go into any purchase of home gym equipment. This consideration is especially crucial for indoor rowers because most rowing machines take up a lot of space whether or not the unit is in use. Storage and design planning is essential for home gyms.

Like many of the other home rowing machines the First Degree Pacific Rower stores upright meaning that you can easily tuck it away when it is not in use. This feature is a must have for home exercise equipment because that means that it will not be an eyesore in your home office or bedroom. Thanks to upright storage now any room in the house can easily become a home gym when you need it but the room can still be used for other functions. If you want to look at other rowers that fold for storage check out our Kettler Stroker Rower review.

Customer Reviews

The First Degree Pacific Rower consistently receives great reviews. These high customer ratings are the result of a superior rower that reigns over the cheaper, inferior models. The average review is over 4 stars out of 5.

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