Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine Review

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine Review

This is an image of the Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine. This rowing machine is the top on the market.The Concept2 Model D rowing machine is the top selling rowing machine. Customers can’t get enough of the excellent workout provided by this machine. There is a reason that this rower is rated so high and that is because of the quality of craftsmanship. This rower is easy to use and above all provides an excellent full body workout.


The dependability and efficiency of the Concept 2 Model D rower is what makes this one of the most popular rowers on the market, and the best selling indoor rower in the world.  This machine is a favorite of Olympic athletes and competitive rowers.

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Performance Monitor

This is an image of the P3 performance that comes with the Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine.To best suit your needs, you are given the choice of a PM3 or PM4 display monitor.  This option combined with the adjustable monitor arm lets you modify the rower to meet your desires.

This rower also comes with a number of free accessories, including one LogCard, a USB cable for connecting the performance monitor to your computer, chain oil, a user manual, tools and illustrated assembly instructions, heart rate belt (PM4 only), and rechargeable battery (PM4 only). The performance monitoring features make the Model D one of the best rowing machines.

Air Resistance Flywheel

To adjust the amount of resistance you want, you simply adjust the damper on the flywheel.  By decreasing the airflow to the flywheel, you increase resistance, and by increasing the airflow to the flywheel, you decrease resistance.  This is a simple and reliable method for adjusting resistance.  The design of the flywheel on the Model D ensures that this rower will perform quietly and smoothly.

Handle and Footrests

The handle is another awesome feature that was designed with comfort in mind.  It has a 10 degree bend to provide the most natural arm and hand position for a comfortable row.  Another feature that helps you customize the Model D is the adjustable footrests.  These adjustable footrests allow for simple and quick size adjustments to fit a wide range of shoe sizes and leg measurements.


This is an image of the Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine folded in its storage position.With a seat height of 14”, the Model D has a relatively low profile compared to other rowers on the market.  The Model D also features a framelock mechanism that is quick-releasing.  This means that no tools are required and you can easily separate the machine into two pieces for storage.

There is no need for the rower to be taking up unnecessary space while not in use.  The front foot has caster wheels, providing an easy way to move the machine out of sight when you are not using it. This rowing machine is there when you need it and out of sight when you don’t.

Quality of Craftsmanship

This is a great image of the Concept2 Model D Rower Trainer.Another remarkable feature of the Model D rower is the incredible durability.  This rower includes a nickel plated chain, which allows for incredible stability that also looks good.  This also allows for longer periods of time between oiling, providing you with a smooth workout.

The aluminum monorail is topped with a stainless steel track, which ensures a smooth, gliding seat movement. The smooth glide of this rowing machine makes it easier to maintain proper rowing form.  This machine is definitely built with durability and longevity in mind, with the added bonus of minimal maintenance.  This ensures you with a safe workout and a great investment that will last for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Customers consistently rate the Concept2 Model D rowing machine as high or higher than the other rowers on the market. After over 500 customer reviews and ratings, the Concept2 Model D maintains an exceptional rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. Read our many reviews of the best rowing machines to assist you in making the best decision.

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